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Application & Specialty tapes


If you are in search of the best application tape to transfer a vinyl decal or graphic to a substrate like a wall, vehicle, or window, RTape has the solution for you! RTape sets the standard for product performance and quality, offering 3 subranges of application tapes (ApliTape®, Conform® and Clear Choice®) to ensure customers find the application tape to fit the requirements of their specific job.   

Next to application tapes, RTape offers specialty tapes to help you complete your tasks more efficiently, with less difficulty and greater convenience, whether you’re screen printing or decorating garments. 

Application Tapes 

Nekoosa RTape Application Tape

RTape Conform® 

RTape Conform® is the market's top-selling application tape and is widely recognized as the standard in its category. It was the original paper application tape to feature the advanced RLA® Release Liner Adhesion, which ensures that the tape remains continuously flat during storing and application, resulting in wrinkle-free results. This innovation has been imitated by others, but never duplicated. 

RTape Conform® is ideal for use with all types of cut vinyls. Its natural latex adhesive system maintains a consistent level of adhesion to the vinyl over time, preventing stacked graphics from sticking together and rolled graphics from tunneling or warping. 

The RTape Conform® range includes 11 different products with varying tack levels. Most of the products are also available in a premium heavyweight paper version that is approximately 25 microns thicker than the standard paper, making it easier to handle, especially in windy conditions. It also performs better with wet applications and results in a smoother application. 

More info on RTape’s subranges:

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The Natural choice. Are you with us? 

Make the eco-friendly choice and switch to paper-based application tapes!  

A recent and independent life cycle analysis comparing paper and plastic application tapes has shown that paper-based tapes have a lower environmental impact in most environmental impact categories. The Global Warming Potential of paper application tape was found to be 45% lower than that of plastic application tape. 

Specialty Tapes

Nekoosa Blue Block Out

Blue Block Out™

Blue Block Out™ tape is made of self-wound polyethylene film and coated with a highly effective acrylic adhesive. It is an ideal choice for screen printing applications and is designed for use with conventional wooden framed screens and aluminium, retensionable frames. Its water-based adhesive is resistant to both inks and solvents. Additionally, it can withstand multiple pressure washes and solvent baths. It is easy to apply and can be removed from frames and mesh without leaving any adhesive residue.  

More info on RTape’s Block Out Tape:

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Nekoosa Pallet Guard

Pallet Guard

Pallet Guard is a smooth paper tape with a heat-resistant rubber adhesive, designed specifically for textile screen printing. Instead of cleaning up messy spray adhesive from your pallet, which can be time-consuming and costly, Pallet Guard offers a simple and effective solution. By covering your pallet with this tape and spraying the tape instead of the pallet, press clean-up becomes as easy as removing and discarding the tape. This process is quick, easy, and can save you both time and money. 

More info on RTape’s Pallet Guard:

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HotMask is a self-wound polyester transfertape, designed to protect your materials from high temperatures and discoloration while heat pressing. HotMask transfers your graphics from the carrier film to the material without leaving any adhesive residue. It is perfect for application of printed flock-, polyurethane- and vinyl films. 

More info on RTape’s HotMask:

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