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White & Chalkboard films


Are you seeking methods to facilitate erasable communication within a room? With whiteboard and chalkboard films, you can convey any necessary information and you can instantly transform any space into an ideal meeting room. These films can be seamlessly integrated onto your walls, providing a sophisticated and unobtrusive appearance. 

iSee2 Whiteboard films

Whiteboard films 

The Total Eraze range comprises of five products, each with its own unique features and user-friendly application process. Four of these products are PVC-based whiteboard films coated with a low-energy lacquer, which ensures clean and effortless dry erasing without any ghosting when used with virtually all whiteboard markers. The only exception is Total Eraze Ultra Clear, which is an optically clear PET film. All Total Eraze products are suitable for a variety of settings, including meeting and conference rooms, schools and universities, offices, hospitals, sports clubs, bars, and restaurants. 

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iSee2 Chalkboard films

Chalkboard films 

Total Blackboard is a polymeric PVC-based chalkboard film with a matte black finish, ideal for use as a chalkboard film in both indoor and outdoor settings. It is compatible with solid, soft, and liquid chalk marker inks, and can be effortlessly wiped clean with a damp cloth, without leaving any ghosting. Additionally, Total Blackboard can be printed with UV curable inks, allowing you to create customized designs. This versatile product is suitable for a range of applications, including bars and restaurants, schools, retail stores, indoor home design, nurseries, and offices. 

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