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Metallized films


Are you searching for a distinctive way to make your communication shine? Consider using metallized films to create a reflective, sparkling effect that elevate the quality of your communication and make it stand out. 

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VinylEfx® by Nekoosa features a collection of metallic, reflective, and glittering vinyls, available in different finishes and suitable for both cut-lettering applications and printed graphics. The product is available in an indoor and outdoor series with a permanent adhesive intended for application to flat and slightly curved, smooth surfaces. 

Alongside VinylEfx, Nekoosa offers with PolyEfx® a range of indoor polyester films, which are metallized print-treated polyester films coated with a high tack permanent adhesive.  

For optimal outcomes, it is recommended to use RTape Conform® 4075RLA® for applying cut letters, and RTape Conform® 4760RLA® for printed UV graphics.  

More info on all colors/patterns and roll sizes:

VinylEfx® | Nekoosa 

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