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Durable print media & overlams


Are you in need of print media that can withstand tougher conditions and last longer? Fourbases provides a variety of options to choose from.  

Whether you require industrial signage for machines or graphics for extreme sports vehicles, you can explore all the available products below. 

Durable print media

Nekoosa Trifecta


Trifecta® is a versatile product that can be used for a wide range of applications. This textured vinyl is easily removable and can be applied to various surfaces, including wallpaper, wood, polished stone, glass, stainless steel, vinyl, tile, and sealed concrete. It can be used indoors or outdoors for up to 5 years (excluding floors), and its removable adhesive ensures clean removal for up to 6 months.  

Trifecta® simplifies the process of creating UL 410 slip-resistant floor graphics, eliminating the need for an overlaminate. For wall graphics, it's as simple as peel, stick, and you're done, with no need for tapes, tacks, or nails. Trifecta® is also ideal for decorative window graphics that are smaller than 2' x 2' and require short-term application. 

More info on Trifecta®:

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Wall Graphics®  

Wall Graphics® is a removable vinyl with an excellent white point. It has a microsphere removable adhesive that allows the film to be remove cleanly within 12 months from smooth, flat surfaces. Thanks to the high-peel removable adhesive, applications remove cleanly from painted and textured surfaces within 6 months. 

Wall Graphics® is suitable for indoor and outdoor wall applications. 

More info on Wall Graphics®:

Wall Graphics® | Nekoosa 

Isee2 ForceTack


The ForceTack series is a top-quality polymeric film that comes in four colors (Satin White, Satin Yellow, Satin Silver and Canary Yellow). It is specifically formulated to provide outstanding dimensional stability and durability. These self-adhesive films are the perfect choice for long-term industrial use, whether indoors or outdoors (with up to 7 years of outdoor durability). With its 100-micron thickness and composition, this product offers exceptional opacity levels and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Moreover, it features a high-tack permanent adhesive system, which makes it suitable for use on surfaces that are hard to adhere to or have low energy, such as fleet marking, construction and farm equipment, container marking, marine and public transportation, escalators, and more. 

More info on ForceTack Series: 

ForceTack Series | iSee2

iSee2 StrongTack


StrongTack  is a 100 micron printable PVC film. It features a High Tack adhesive system that provides exceptional properties, specifically designed to satisfy the marking requirements for surfaces that are hard to adhere to or have low energy, such as PE and PP. This film has been engineered to be paired with our Extreme Guard 250 or 300 micron super glossy overlaminating film, providing an ideal solution for producing long-lasting labels and graphics used extensively for various applications that are subject to rough handling conditions, including motocross bikes, quad bikes, snow and water scooters, buggy cars, helmets, and more. 

More info on StrongTack:

StrongTack | iSee2


SlipStop 120 

SlipStop 120 is an outstanding clear matt textured lamination film that is ideal for indoor use. Made of polypropylene, it offers an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to PVC films. The SlipStop 120 features a permanent acrylic adhesive that provides exceptional clarity and bond strength and works flawlessly with most printing inks. For optimal results, we suggest pairing this lamination film with StrongTack or StrongTouch print film for creating indoor floor & carpet decals in various settings, including airports, rail/subway stations, retail stores, supermarkets, hospitals, offices, and events. Moreover, this product is certified as anti-slip R9. 

More info on Slipstop 120: 

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iSee2 Extreme Guard

Extreme Guard 250 & 300

Extreme Guard 250 & 300 are clear PVC overlaminates that deliver the ultimate protection to your graphics while preserving their clarity. The high-gloss surface adds depth and vibrancy to the print or decal. Both the 250-micron monomeric vinyl and 300-micron transparent polymeric vinyl, add thickness and durability to the graphics. These products are perfect for outdoor use and offer UV protection for up to 3 years for Extreme Guard 250 and even up to 5 years for Extreme Guard 300.

Achieve the perfect application by combining Extreme Guard 250 & 300 with StrongTack print films for creating long-lasting labels and graphics for various applications on motocross bikes, snow and water scooters, quads, helmets, and more. Extreme Guard 300 can also be combined with ForceTack.

More info on Extreme Guard: 

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