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Paint Protection films


Paint Protection Films are a popular solution for protecting vehicles from scratches, chips, and other forms of damage caused by road debris, environmental factors, and everyday wear and tear. PPFs are applied to the surface of a vehicle, forming a protective barrier that can absorb impacts without damaging the underlying paint and maintaining the value of your vehicle. 

iSee2 Paint protection films

iSee2 provides a range PPF films for the vehicle market. 

Scarless is a product range that comprises of TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane paint protection films designed to combat corrosion, stone chipping, scratching, and insect damage on painted surfaces. These films are highly elastic and offer unparalleled clarity, providing optimal protection for areas like car underbodies, side mirrors, and spoilers. The Scarless Supreme variant, which comes with a top coat, offers even greater protection with enhanced self-healing and self-cleaning capabilities, making it the perfect choice for car owners who demand nothing but the best. 

Black Emboss 190 and 320 are top-of-the-line textured polymeric vinyl films specifically created for use in the automotive and recreational vehicle industry, particularly for blockout, kick tread, and stoneguard applications. They offer superior protection against stone chips and scratches in high-risk areas such as A/B/C pillars, window profiles, and wheel arches, while also serving as a versatile tool for detailing and decoration. 

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